The Evening High School with Lyceum Classes of Karditsa participated in the “Erasmus days” (Erasmus days) by holding an event to disseminate the European programs implemented in the school this school year. The event took place on Friday 14/10/2022 at the school’s event hall.

Initially, the Director of the school, Mr. Loukas Ilias, presented the objectives and content of the three European programmes approved by the IKY and implemented by the school.

Then the participating teachers who moved within the framework of the project 2020-1- ES01-KA229-082391_3 entitled “Keep Calm and Stop Bullying” spoke about the educational activities carried out in the LTTA in which they participated from 03-07/10/22 at the “Aurel Vlaicu” Technical High School in Lugoj, Romania. This was followed by a video presentation of the educational and cultural activities carried out on this move. The World Health Organization has called Bullying a “major public health problem” in schools, and in society in general, especially where minorities of different orientations, political classes, lifestyles, etc. are encountered. It is also true that minorities and people with physical disabilities or mental disabilities are often victims of repeated bullying, isolation and other abuse.

The Esperino Gymnasium – L.T. Karditsa participates as a coordinating partner among six educational organizations of the European Union, in the project with number 2020-1-EL01-KA201-078940_1 and title Enhancing teachiNG And learninG English in a digitalized world (ENGAGE).The aim of the project is the modernization of teaching practices through updating / upgrading the knowledge and skills of teachers.

The aim of the third project, project code 2020-1-EL01-KA101-077919, entitled “Inclusion and Multiculturalism”, is to strengthen the skills of teachers to respond more competently to the challenges emerging in the field of education of refugee students and to handle educational practices that promote inclusion, empower and lead to school success. As part of this project, four teachers from the school travelled to Martinique to attend a seminar. It is known that the Evening School has been running classes for the last 3 years to welcome refugee students.

The Evening High School with Lyceum Classes of Karditsa participates in educational programmes, which aim to contribute to the improvement of the educational process and the broadening of the horizons of teachers and students.