We are very pleased to announce that another Erasmus+ KA2 project in which E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP participates as a partner was approved by the GREEK National Agency.

According to the European Commission, there is a “need for every citizen to have at least basic digital skills in order to live, work, learn and participate in the modern society”. Various initiatives aimed at increasing training in digital skills for modernising education across the EU and harnessing digital technologies for learning need to be taken.
Moreover, according to the European Union “the increased mobility between EU countries and the rising number of third country migrants and refugees coming to the EU in recent years have contributed to greater (linguistic) diversity in European classrooms. Multilingual schools are not a new feature of Europe’s diverse and complex linguistic landscape”. In addition, there is an increased number of students in Europe whose mother tongue is different from the language of instruction.

The aim of the project is to modernize teaching practices through updating/upgrading teachers’ knowledge and skills. To achieve this aim, the following objectives have been set:

  • to increase the professional development of teachers by means of 3 Short-term joint staff training events
  • to provide teachers with the required skills and competences to succeed in their teaching process
  • to develop transnational cooperation in the field of education by exchanging good practices and experiences between partner countries
  • to introduce the concept and potential benefits of using digital tools in teaching, applying CLIL method and using online learning effectively
  • to improve communication, interaction, cooperation skills of participants especially in an international environment
  • to improve language skills of participants
  • to introduce participant to the cultural environment of other partner countries
  • to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a European community
  • to strengthen the networking among partners by developing a website, including best practices in the topics of the ENGAGE project,
  • to launch an awareness-raising campaign aligned with the topics of the ENGAGE project.