From 03 to 07 October 2022, the scheduled five-day meeting took place within the framework of the approved Erasmus+ European project “Keep Calm and Stop Bullying” and code number: 2020-1-ES01-KA229-082391. Four teachers of the Evening High School with High School Classes of Karditsa moved to the city of Lugoj, Romania.

On the 1st day (Monday 03/10/22) an official meeting with local stakeholders and the mayor was held at the Lugoj City Hall. Then a welcoming ceremony for teachers was held at the “Aurel Vlaicu” Technological High School followed by a workshop and discussion on enhancing teacher effectiveness in bullying issues.

On the 2nd day (Tuesday 04/10/22) workshops and activities were held on conflicts at school and methods of conflict resolution.

On day 3 (Wednesday 05/10/22) the six steps of Method III for conflict resolution were presented and in the afternoon cultural visits were made to the Fortress of Deva City and Corvin Castle in Hunedoara.

On the 4th day (Thursday 06/10/22) workshops were held in the school premises and activities on “Effective teaching-learning process” and “TET mission” were conducted.

On the 5th day (Friday 07/10/22) A workshop on “The effective teacher” was held followed by a farewell event, completion of evaluation questionnaires and presentation of certificates to the participants.

Cultural visits were made to the Municipal Library, the Municipal Theatre “Traian Grozavescu”, the Iron Bridge, the Timis River, and the Museum of History, Ethnography and Fine Arts of Lugoj.

Thanks to this project, school teachers from different countries will exchange good educational and innovative practices through meetings in which they mutually model the different applications and methodologies performed in their schools.

The aim of the project during its implementation is to develop a culture of professional cooperation among the participating teachers and the modernization of teaching practices through the updating/upgrading of teachers’ knowledge and skills. To achieve this objective, the following sub-objectives have been set:

– providing participating teachers with the necessary skills and competences to succeed in their teaching work.

– strengthening the school community in the field of prevention and response to bullying through the adoption of good practices that teachers can use in the classroom

– improving communication, interaction and cooperation skills of the participants, especially in an international environment

– improving the language skills of the participants

– bringing participants into contact with the cultural environment of other partner countries.

The Evening Gymnasium – L.T. of Karditsa participates in actions that aim to upgrade the quality of education provided to our students, but also to take advantage of opportunities for our teachers to acquire knowledge and experience that will be useful to them both in their work at school and in their personal lives, through innovative actions and programs.

The European Erasmus+ programme is fully funded by the European Commission and the national coordinating body for Greece is IKY.