Introducing the 1st Newsletter of the P4P project


📢 We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our very first newsletter, dedicated to raising awareness and taking action against single-use plastic. We hope this newsletter will help for sharing knowledge, inspiring discussions, and providing practical solutions to combat the single-use plastic crisis.🌱 Why Focus on Single-Use Plastic?Single-use plastic has become a global environmental challenge, polluting our oceans, endangering marine life, and contributing to climate change. By shedding light on this issue, we aim to educate pupils about the detrimental impacts of single-use plastic and empower them to make informed decisions and take concrete steps towards a sustainable future. [.......]

Introducing the 1st Newsletter of the P4P project2023-05-15T15:50:22+03:00

The project “Play for the Planet” – P4P


Did you know that single-use plastics, such as straws, water bottles and plastic bags, contribute significantly to pollution and harm our environment? Six organisations from four EU countries have joined forces to work on the Erasmus P4P project, which aims to inspire the next generation to change their consumption habits and make better choices for the environment. It aspires to inspire students to reduce their use of single-use plastics, thereby reducing pollution, conserving natural resources and creating a more sustainable future. Visit our website to learn more about our project:

The project “Play for the Planet” – P4P2023-05-15T15:10:49+03:00

Online meeting of the project “Play for the Planet” – P4P


Today, the consortium of partners of the "P4P-Play for the future" Erasmus+ project met for the third time online. We discussed the first steps to be taken to move the project forward, whose final results include the creation of a board game, a video game and an educational plan on the topic of environmental awareness and the danger of single-use plastics for our planet, aiming to be a resource for education professionals and families to support primary school pupils in acquiring green skills and sustainable habits to become future sustainable citizens. Last but not least, this online meeting allowed us to [.......]

Online meeting of the project “Play for the Planet” – P4P2023-05-02T16:55:34+03:00

New Erasmus+ project “Play for the Planet: Board games as a means of teaching sustainability” has started – P4P


The first transnational meeting of the project in the field of school education took place in Spain on 22 and 23 January. The aim of the project is to design a board game and a digital game to develop environmental awareness among students. During the meeting, issues related to the implementation of the project were discussed.

New Erasmus+ project “Play for the Planet: Board games as a means of teaching sustainability” has started – P4P2023-02-02T14:10:43+03:00

1st online meeting of the P4P project


On Tuesday 8 November 2022, we had the pleasure to participate in the first online meeting of the partners of the project entitled "Play for the Planet: Board games as instruments to teach sustainability", acronym P4P and project code 2022-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000085070. The project is related to addressing the issue of environmental sustainability and aims to develop appropriate educational resources that will help teachers to raise awareness among students about the danger our planet is facing.

1st online meeting of the P4P project2023-02-01T22:04:57+03:00

Participation of our school in the Erasmus Days 2022


The Evening High School with Lyceum Classes of Karditsa participated in the "Erasmus days" (Erasmus days) by holding an event to disseminate the European programs implemented in the school this school year. The event took place on Friday 14/10/2022 at the school's event hall.Initially, the Director of the school, Mr. Loukas Ilias, presented the objectives and content of the three European programmes approved by the IKY and implemented by the school.Then the participating teachers who moved within the framework of the project 2020-1- ES01-KA229-082391_3 entitled "Keep Calm and Stop Bullying" spoke about the educational activities carried out in the LTTA in [.......]

Participation of our school in the Erasmus Days 20222023-02-01T22:02:32+03:00

Final LTTA of the “Keep Calm and Stop Bullying” project


From 03 to 07 October 2022, the scheduled five-day meeting took place within the framework of the approved Erasmus+ European project "Keep Calm and Stop Bullying" and code number: 2020-1-ES01-KA229-082391. Four teachers of the Evening High School with High School Classes of Karditsa moved to the city of Lugoj, Romania. On the 1st day (Monday 03/10/22) an official meeting with local stakeholders and the mayor was held at the Lugoj City Hall. Then a welcoming ceremony for teachers was held at the "Aurel Vlaicu" Technological High School followed by a workshop and discussion on enhancing teacher effectiveness in bullying issues.On the [.......]

Final LTTA of the “Keep Calm and Stop Bullying” project2023-02-01T22:00:14+03:00

3rd LTTA of the project ENGAGE in London


On September 6, 7 and 8, two teachers of our school, Mrs.Aikaterini Alexiou and Mr.George Tsiardakas, participated in the 3rd LTTA of the project "ENGAGE - Enhancing Teaching and Learning English in a digitalized world". The meeting took place in London at the educational organisation Kairos Europe.The English partner provided the participating teachers with a seminar on the basics of educational applications and digital tools that can facilitate the educational process and increase student success.The LTTA was aimed at teachers who want to integrate educational applications and digital tools into their methodology, applying the latest teaching approaches.The aim was to familiarise [.......]

3rd LTTA of the project ENGAGE in London2023-02-01T21:54:25+03:00

Erasmus+ KA1 – Educational Visit of 4 teachers of the school in Martinique


ΤThe Evening High School - L.T. Karditsa participates as a sending partner in the Erasmus+ KA122 staff learning mobility project entitled "Integration and Multiculturalism" and project code 2021-1-EL01-KA122-SCH-000030701. As part of the project, four (4) teachers of the school (Ilias Loukas, George Tsiardakas, Elias Sveronis and Evangelos Ioannou) participated in a training seminar in Martinique, France, from 26 April to 02 May 2022. This seminar was organised by the educational organisation Pricalica. The main objective of the project is the training of participating teachers on issues related to integration and multiculturalism in secondary education in order to improve their intercultural competences, [.......]

Erasmus+ KA1 – Educational Visit of 4 teachers of the school in Martinique2023-02-01T21:45:13+03:00

2nd Newsletter of ENGAGE project


Τhe second newsletter of our project Engage, titled "Enhancing TeachiNG And LearninG English in a Digitalized World," is now available!We are pleased to inform that the second year of our project has begun, and we couldn't be more pleased that, despite the fact that the epidemic continues, we have managed to execute a significant portion of our planned Mobilities!Foreign language literacy through the use of ICT to improve the language abilities of target populations is a critical problem for the EE, and we are delighted to be championing this goal! Read here PROJECT INFO PROJECT PAGE [.......]

2nd Newsletter of ENGAGE project2021-12-12T11:53:57+03:00
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