Flipped Learning and distance education in secondary education


The main goal of the project is the professional development of the beneficiaries through the exchange of experiences and the transfer of innovative practices which are applied by the host organization in matters concerning the method of inverted order and distance education.

The first goal of this proposal is for the participants to be able to effectively prepare and implement an “Inverted Classroom” lesson plan in their school.

The 2nd main goal of this program is related to the digital literacy of the participants and the ability to create reliable digital teaching objects for the distance learning of their students.

Side goals:

  1. Managing the “Inverted Classroom with Edtech Tools.
  2. Project-Based Learning (PBL) Design.
  3. Analysis of learning practices with digital tools.
  4. Familiarity with Distance Learning digital tools
  5. Design of educational subjects for distance education.

Within the framework of the proposed mobility plan, two (2) flows are foreseen, four (4) teachers of our school each, in order for them to participate in the following structured courses.


  1. From 10/07/2023- 15/07/2023 (6 days) in Dublin, Ireland and at the educational organization Europass Teacher Academy seminar entitled “Flipped Classroom”
    In this lesson, participants will understand the idea behind “inverted classrooms” and how they can incorporate it into their own classroom curriculum. This approach has been defined as a pedagogical model in which the typical elements of lecture and homework for a lesson are reversed.
  2. From 21/08/2023 – 26/08/2023 (6 days) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and at the educational organization Europass Teacher Academy seminar entitled “How to Increase Student Engagement: From In-Presence to Remote Learning”